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Business Intelligence

Educational intelligence from the classroom to the boardroom. Advanced analytics platform with tools to deduce actionable information in near real time.

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Provide standards aligned Benchmark and Curriculum Based Assessments. Detailed reports and analysis on all standardized and local assessments.

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Develop, manage and deliver standards aligned curriculum, instructional content, lesson plans and supporting material online.

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Professional Learning

Provide an integrated Professional Development and Evaluation platform for teachers and administrators with analysis and intelligent recommendation.

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Plan and monitor progress toward high school graduation. All graduation rules automatically applied based on endorsement and graduation plan selected.

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Ability to apply intervention strategies across the different tiers, evaluate their quality and outcomes. Real time progress monitoring of students undergoing intervention.

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Parent/Student Portal

Provide relevant and timely information to parents through an online portal, easily accessible through any web enabled device, including tablets and phones.

Gifted Talented

Manage your entire GT progress from screening, to identification, assessments and notifications (including parent letters). View all GT screener information and forms in one integrated module. Extensive analytics to monitor process.

English Learner

A comprehensive workflow enabled LPAC framework to manage the entire process, collect data, monitor progress, communicate with parents and provide reports.

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We measure our success in your satisfaction.

“The partnership with edugence has been a tremendous success for Plano. The functionality and navigating through the system is extremely beneficial to our teachers and staff. The level of customer relationship has been exceptional.”

Dr. Dash Weerasinghe, Senior Executive Director Assessment, Research and Program Evaluation - Plano ISD

“Edugence provides an excellent service to our district. The interface is user-friendly on any device and allows all district staff to track program information and monitor student progress in literacy inventories, course grades, and local and state assessments.”

Melissa Row, Executive Director of Assessment and Research - Grand Prairie ISD

I just want to say THANK YOU for investing in Edugence. We haven’t even been trained and we have been all over the system and it is AMAZING! This is going to make teacher’s lives so, so, so EASY! I just wanted to say Thank you!! Please pass that along to anyone who had a hand in making a decision in acquiring this program!!!!!!.

Samantha Ziane Burt, Instructional Coach, Local Test Coordinator, College and Career Readiness Administrator - Garland ISD

“Mach B has very good knowledge of curriculum design and online interface, which enabled us to design an easy to use format that our teachers appreciate. We are extremely pleased with the product and with the excellent customer service. We rarely encounter problems; however, when we do, they respond immediately.”

Carolyne Creel, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction - Fort Worth ISD


  • 2003

    The Beginning

    Mach B Technologies opened for business in 2003. Before founding Mach B,
    Dr. Mazhar Islamraja was a senior executive at Verizon communications in charge of worldwide business intelligence. At Verizon he led a team that built one of the largest data warehouses and business intelligence platforms in the world at that time.

  • Motivation

    Dr. Islamraja graduated with a Phd in Engineering from Stanford university, Palo Alto, California. His passion for education made him want to bring the same analytical and big data management capabilities to education. This vision led to Edugence!

  • What We Do

    Edugence is a comprehensive data warehousing, educational/business intelligence and instruction management system for K-12 school districts. Built on the latest of technology, our mission is to give our users the tools necessary to make informed and intelligent decisions.

  • Products

    Edugence has built a very comprehensive and fully integrated set of applications. All data from the applications flow into our enterprise data warehouse where you can perform advanced analytics.

  • Intuitive Design

    Alerts and early warning systems allow you to continually monitor your KPIs, dashboards and reports allows you to slice and dice the data with a few clicks. Advanced statistical modules allow you to project student performance and see correlations.

  • To be continued..

    Working with school districts for over 15 years, Edugence is integrated with several applications to give our customers the best possible tools with the least effort to perform their tasks efficiently.

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